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Searching on the internet is something you learn by doing.  The more you do it, the more efficient you become in finding the things you are looking for.  Here are some tips to make finding the products you want on Amazon or other online shops  as efficient and effective as possible:

Search by name.  

The best way to search and compare products on Amazon is to use a brand name and/or type number.  Try to be as short as possible and avoid any language specific wording.  For example, don’t search for “Nike Shoes” but just use “Nike” instead.  Or, even better: be specific and use “Nike Air“. Are you looking for a new camera? Do not search for “Canon Camera” or “Sony Camera”, but be specific: eg “Canon EOS” or even better, “Canon EOS 600D“.  Do not search for “GSM LG Optimum” but rather for “LG Optimum”.  Do not search for “Samsung Television” but rather for “SAMSUNG UE40F6400” or “Samsung LED TV

Books, CDs and DVDs

These are easy: use the author or title as keyword.   You can also search books on Amazon by using the ISBN number.  It is not necessary to start your search with “ISBN”.  Don’t use “-” in the number: this will often prevent certain items to be hidden from the results.

Using the ASIN.

Have you seen a certain product in an Amazon store that you would like to compare?  Search for the ASIN number in the description or the product link.  The ASIN is a number that Amazon asigns to each product.  Theoretically, this number will be the same for the same item in each Amazon store.  In practice this is not always the case and we therefore do not recommend the use of the ASIN.  The search result overview on this website will highlight products with the same ASIN code so you can easily verify and ensure the products are the same when comparing.

Specify a category

Whenever you can, use the category filter.  For example: if you look for a book about yoga, indicate that you want to search in Amazon Books.   If you do not do so, you will get prices for the  ThinkPad Yoga, a laptop of the Lenovo family.

Use the box below to search and compare Amazon prices in Europe:

Did we miss something or do you have another tip? Let us know below!

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