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Not all webshops ship globally or to every European address.  Do you know this feeling? You have just found the product you were looking for for quite some time at an unbeatable price.  At the checkout you get the message “This product can not be delivered to your address”.   Big disappointment.  Luckely, there is a solution to buy virtually everywhere and get your online purchase delivered at your doorstep: fowarding services.

Why is Amazon not sending all products to your country?

Amazon is the worlds biggest online shop (closely followed by Aliexpress, it’s chinese competitor).  However, not all products will ship globally.  This is why:

  • Not all products on or it’s local sites are sold by Amazon.  On the Amazon site you can also buy products from third party sellers, other companies.  The selling company decides wether it will sell products globally or only in specific regions.   This is often the case for sellers based in the UK or US.
  • Amazon and other webshops have agreements with manufacturers to only sell certain products in specific regions.
  • Some goods are not suitable for airfreight (eg perishable goods, explosives, …)
  • Goods that have specific regulations in some countries (eg. in 2012, Amazon banned all sales of USB sticks, CD-roms, memory cards, … to Belgium due to a new law on copyright taxes on storage media).

TIP: Searching for products on Amazon in the US while living abroad? has a special section for global trade: Amazon International Shipping.

How can I get a product shipped to my country if Amazon or another online shop does not deliver to my country?

Here are some solutions to get products shipped to your country if the webshop does not deliver:

1. Contact the seller and ask if they want to ship the product to your country.  Very often, sellers have indicated that they don’t ship abroad.  When you ask them, they are often willing to make an exception and deliver to neighbouring countries if they notice an international interest in their products.  This is often the case for sellers in France and Germany who indicate initially only to sell domestically.  Try to send them a nice email explaining your profound interest in the products they sell.   Smaller shops will often make an exception and send you the products.  Just try it: mail or call them!

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2. Use a forwarding service in the country of purchase.  How does this work?  When you subscribe (for free!) to this service, you will receive a local address.  This is often a distribution center where you get a specific postal box in the form of a code that allows the forwarding service to identify your parcel.   When you order at the local webshop, you provide this address as the delivery address. When the  package arrives at the fowarding company, they will send you a notice and forward the parcel through regular services like DHL, FEDEX or local mail services.    The additional charge for this service is very moderate due to the high volumes that these companies process ( +/- 2 EUR).  An additional advantage is that they allow you to combine several deliveries in one before sending it to your home country.  This allows you to reduce the delivery cost even more.

We recommend the following forwarding services:

  • United States of America:, en
  • Germany:
  • France:
  • United Kingdom:

Do you have experience with buying products globally?

Share your tips below.

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