The hangout, laysack or laybag

Here’s the new hype for the summer period: the self-inflating sofa or lounger. Although it’s on the market for a few years already, we expect it to really break-through as the must-have for every summer festival, hike or beach trip!

Fatboy was the first to bring the Lamzac Hangout” on the market. The “Lamzac” was the design of a young startup formed by a group of friends that was acquired by the well-known Dutch company FatBoy (well known brand of seating bags).  In the summer of 2016, the demand for the “Lamzac” was so high that FatBoy’s supply could not keep up and new brands were taking over the market with products build on the same design under different names: the Laybag, the Laysack, the Ponffear, the Lazylounga, Lazybag etc. .. They all work the same way and their quality is very similar. However, prices differ widely. Make sure you compare prices of these Lamzac imitators.  Here you can compare prices on Amazon sites and eBay.

Inflating the Lamzac or Lounge bag is simple but requires some explanation and practice before you hit the beach. Below is a video that explains how you inflate the Fatboy Lamzac Hangout. It’s really easy and we got the hang out of it in just 5 minutes of practice. It works best with a little breeze, but it does work under windstill conditions as well. Have fun and relax!

Ready to buy? Here are some models at Amazon Germany:

And here are some for sale at Amazon France:

The exterior of this self-inflating lounge chair is made from sturdy nylon that protects the inflated sofa against sharp objects and makes it water-resistant. Inside, a PE plastic bag ensures the air does not escape. Some models have a side pocket to keep small objects like your wallet or phone. However, we recommend you to go for the lightest model and avoid the (small) additional weight of these additions.

Note that the first testings and reviews of the hangout, lamzac or laybag were not convincing. The reason for this was that the technique for inflating the chair is not clearly explained in the manual. But rest assured: it’s really not that difficult. We recommend you to take a look at one of the youtube videos while you try it the first time, and you should get the hang out of it in not time: you need to open and inflate both sides of the lounge bag in turns by moving the opening in a smooth way to capture air. It’s really not difficult: the video below shows how to get the laybag, hangout and lamzac inflated without difficulty.

Compare prices for the hangout, laybag or laysack here.

Have you seen another product similar to the hangout, laysack, LazyLounga? Let us know what you think below!

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