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Webprice.eu is a website with tips and tools for online shopping. You can also compare prices here at Amazon, and BOL,,… We regularly share tips and new product discoveries from our visitors. Do you have any suggestions? Let us know.

Frequent questions about Webprice.eu

What is the difference between Webprice.eu and other price comparison sites?

Webprice.eu was started because of the need to have an easy way to search and compare products on all Amazon sites in Europe. We noticed that prices for the same or similar products were often very different on the different Amazon sites in Europe. Searching products on each of the Amazon sites seperately was however very time-consuming. The existing price comparison sites had different disadvantages: or they were not showing prices on all Amazon websites, or the results were incomplete. Established price comparison sites such as Curiua or Camel Camel Camel had another disadvantage: they compare only products with the same ASIN codes. The ASIN code is a unique code assigned by Amazon to each product. The problem however is that not all Amazon sites assign the same ASIN code to a product. Products that are very similar (but eg with a different packaging) get different ASIN codes. This way, price comparisons are obviously incomplete and not useful to get a complete picture. Webprice.eu keeps it simpel and searches based on keywords in the same way as you would do when visiting different Amazon sites. At the same time, Webprice.eu also offers to search on ASIN and even on link to a Amazon product page. By allowing a broader search option, you might get results that are not relevant, but the upside is that you won’t miss that exceptional deal!

How many visitors does Webprice.eu get?

The total amount of visitors on Webprice.eu fluctuates and is driven by the searchtrends of our visitors. On a daily basis, we receive between 1000 and 6000 visitors.

I have a problem with my Amazon order. Can you help me?

To be clear: we are not part of Amazon or any other webshop. We therefore can not lookup your order. However, we can give you tips on how to solve your problem with the webshop owner. Don’t hesitate to explain your problem or ask for help on our Webprice.eu community.

Do you want to cooperate with Webprice.eu?

Do you have ideas to improve the website or would you like to write an article with shopping tips? Leave a message below and we’ll contact you!

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15 days ago

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