European businesses can already order form Amazon for som time by providing their VAT number at registration.  By doing so, European VAT rules will apply and when ordering outside their home country, companies will not be charged domestic VAT.   Now, Amazon goes one step further and is offering specific services for business customers with a valid VAT number.

These services are [...] →

Amazon sites contain hundreds of well hidden pages.  Only the most loyal Amazon customers know these interesting sections on the local Amazon sites.  We’re listing our top five.

1. Amazon voucher codes

Many only shops distribute voucher codes to attract more customers.  The most common approach is that you have to add the code at the moment you checkout.  Much like the [...] →

Did you receive recently emails from Amazon mentioning a cancelled order while you didn’t order recently from any Amazon site?

Don’t worry, you can safely delete the mail.  The email is spam and was not send by Amazon.  You might think this is a genuine email from Amazon as the sender is “”.

A typical spam mail of this kind will look like this:

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What are Amazon Warehouse Deals?

Warehouse Deals is the name under which Amazon Europa S.a.r.l (the head office of Amazon in Luxemburg) sells returned, repaired, or opened products at a greatly discounted price.    Amazon checks the items and indicates clearly what you can expected: an opened box, some scratches at the bottom or top.  We fully recommend to try them [...] →

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Not all webshops ship globally or to every European address.  Do you know this feeling? You have just found the product you were looking for for quite some time at an unbeatable price.  At the checkout you get the message “This product can not be delivered to your address”.   Big disappointment.  Luckely, there is a solution [...] →

Buy at Amazon with Paypal, debit card, Paysafecard, Bitcoin and more

You want to buy on Amazon without credit card? You want to pay on Amazon with Bitcoin, Paypal, Paysafecard or another digital currency?  Here’s a solution. On,,,, or you can use gift certificates to top up your account and pay at checkout.   You [...] →

To serve it’s European (and global) customers better, Amazon Germany has an English version of its online store since March 2016.  In the meanwhile most pages and menus have been translated in several other European languages with a large customer base that do not have their own local Amazon website: Dutch, Polish and Turkish.  Serving its customers in their own [...] →

Searching on the internet is something you learn by doing.  The more you do it, the more efficient you become in finding the things you are looking for.  Here are some tips to make finding the products you want on Amazon or other online shops  as efficient and effective as possible:

Search by name.  

The best way to search and compare [...] →