Amazon sites contain hundreds of well hidden pages.  Only the most loyal Amazon customers know these interesting sections on the local Amazon sites.  We’re listing our top five.

1. Amazon voucher codes

Many only shops distribute voucher codes to attract more customers.  The most common approach is that you have to add the code at the moment you checkout.  Much like the [...] →

Here’s the new hype for the summer period: the self-inflating sofa or lounger. Although it’s on the market for a few years already, we expect it to really break-through as the must-have for every summer festival, hike or beach trip!

Fatboy was the first to bring the Lamzac Hangout” on the market. The “Lamzac” was the design of a young [...] →

Amazon does not only sell through the well known Amazon website.  Recently, more online channels have been added to world’s biggest online department store.

BuyVIP is one of these:  Amazon’s European Shopping club for customers who like to buy fashion quality at discount prices.  BuyVIP is a “flash sales” shop with extraordinary high discounts on luxury outlet items such as clothing, shoes, watches, juwelry, sun glasses, [...] →

Shoes and Hand Bags: from Javari to Amazon Fashion

Amazon started as an online bookshop but has gained a strong reputation as general online shop.  In 2009 Amazon launched Javari in France, Germany and the UK. Javari was a seperate brand and managed as a seperate shop, called after the “Yavari”, an affluent of the mighty Amazon river.

Under the  Javari brand, Amazon [...] →