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Buy at Amazon in Europe

Amazon does not have local websites in every country in Europe.  However, Europeans can buy almost all products through Amazon France, Amazon Germany en Amazon UK.   Deliveries are free for many European countries for orders above certain amounts (20 EUR for Germany, 25 EUR for France, 25 GBP for UK).

Amazon DuitslandAmazon EngelandAmazon Frankrijk



The advantage of buying online in Europe is that you can find the best price by comparing the prices in the different country-specific shops if you have basic knowledge of the local language.   Even without being multilingual, the standard website template of the Amazon shops will help navigating easily.

Find the best price online: compare local Amazon shops.

Prices for products differ substantially from country to country. Amazon is known for it’s very competitive price setting strategies that take the local market and demand into account.  For example, French books and DVDs are  often cheaper at Amazon UK then in France!  Compare the prices in Germany, France, UK and US quickly in one click by typing the item you look for in the box below: 

  • Germany is often cheaper for electronics, DYI and Dutch books.
  • UK is mostly the best choice for CDs, DVDs and Personal Care, Health & Beauty products.
  • France is the place to go for Apparel and Books.

Amazon in Europe

In Europe, Amazon has separate retail websites for United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.   From these countries, products are shipped all over Europe.  In some cases, deliveries are free for all items dispatched by Amazon.  For example, Amazon UK, France and Germany offer free delivery to Belgium for purchases above 25 GBP (UK), 25 EUR (France) and 20 EUR (Germany). Amazon UK and Germany offer also free delivery to the Netherlands.

Amazon BE Belgium

In 2012, rumours were out that Amazon would also start a local store in Belgium in 2013.  So far, Amazon has not established an online shop in Belgium either.  Being a trilingual country (Dutch, French and German),  customers from Belgium shop in the UK, French and German webshops while is not available. is owned by a Belgian insurance company that has no links with the American Multinational ecommerce company.  More about Amazon be Belgium.

Amazon .NL Netherlands

Amazon has it’s European development center in the Netherlands. was launched on 12 november 2014 as a Kindle ereader & ebooks shop.    As for Belgium, the internet giant has been talking to regarding distribution agreements for Dutch books.   Dutch books are also offered through it’s UK, German and French webshops.  In fact the offer of dutch books in these international shops still larger then on the Dutch Amazon site.

Amazon .PL Poland

By June 2014, Amazon is opening 3 distribution centers in Poland and is creating it’s footprint in the growing Eastern-Europe online market.  So far, provides an overview of the various Amazon websites in Europe while it’s territory is mainly served from the German susidiary.

Amazon .CH Switzerland and Amazon .AT Austria and are both redirected to   For Austria, the German website is even rebranded and shows an “.at” company logo.   The choice for Switzerland is more controversial as german is only one of the 3 main languages spoken in the country.  The other two are Italian and French.

Amazon .DK Denmark, Amazon .NO Norway and Amazon SE Sweden.

No Amazon subsidiary in the Northern European countries either.  The Danish and Norwegian websites refer to the list of Amazon Stores in Europe.  The Swedisch website is registered but has no content to show.

Your experience with buying from Amazon in Europe

Did we miss something important? Let us know in which store you found the cheapest price and give feedback about your experience with buying at Amazon in Europe.

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